3 Popular Roofing Materials & Styles

Does your roof need replacing? If it does then of course you are probably wondering what kind of type of roof material you should be replacing it with. As you will soon see there are many different roof materials and styles to choose from. So deciding just which one of these is the most suitable for your home can prove quite difficult. But to help you make the right decision when it comes to getting the roof on your home replaced, we take a look at 3 popular roofing materials and styles.

Type 1 – Asphalt/Fiberglass Composition Shingles

These types of shingles are very popular with many homeowners today. The main reason that these are so popular with so many homeowners is that they are affordable. Plus you can choose between several different attractive styles. Furthermore they provide good protection to your home against the elements.You have two choices you can either go for fiberglass or asphalt shingles for when you need to replace the roof on your home. The main benefits of either of these two forms of shingles is that they reflect sunlight as well as offer better stability during high winds.

Type 2 – Clay And Slate Roof Tiles

Both of these types of roofing tiles have been around for centuries. Clay tiles have come along way as they are now made using much stronger materials. The great thing about clay tiles is that you have 3 options to choose from. First off, there is the traditional type of clay tile. The second option is ones made using concrete. The third option is ones known as fiber cement tiles, which are made up of a mix of wood and clay. All of these styles of roof tiles are strong and durable, plus are a lot easier to work with. But don’t be worried as each of them is glazed or has a waterproof coating applied to them to protect against the elements. When it comes to natural slate roof tiles these are the certainly a very durable material that can be placed on any home. However, as they are quite heavy additional support may be required to the structure of the roof of your home before they can be placed on it. If you prefer you can choose to opt for the slates may from a composite material as they weigh less.

Type 3 – Metal Roofing

In recent years the demand for metal roofing has increased substantially. This is because homeowners are looking for roofing materials that aren’t just durable but also eco-friendly. The other benefits of choosing to replace a roof with metal are not only that it weighs less, but also doesnÕt require as much maintenance. Plus you’ll find that are a wide selection of different styles and designs to choose from, as well as coming in a range of different colours.