5 Common Roof Gutter Problems Your Home May Face

Just like the roof on your home, it is important that the guttering is also maintained. Not only will it ensure that any rainwater can drain away, but it also helps to protect the roof against water being able to penetrate it. Neglecting the guttering that is around the roof of your home could lead to a range of distinct problems. Any of these could then lead to structural damage to your home. There are several common problems that are related to poor maintenance of roof guttering you should be aware of. This way you can deal with them before they become too much of a problem. The 5 most common roof gutter problems you could be faced with are shown below.

1 – Clogged Roof Gutters

This is the most common of problems you could be faced with if you don’t maintain your roof gutters properly. Over time, the gutters on your roof will get filled up with leaves, dirt, and other debris. If you have a tree growing close to your home, then your gutters are more prone to becoming clogged. If left, then of course water will not be able to drain away.

2 – Leaking Roof Gutters

If there is any damage to your rain gutters, they could eventually start to leak. Not only could such cause damage to the exterior walls of your home, but also even to the houses foundations. Leaks are often a result of holes, cracks, or fastenings that have become loose. It can also occur if second hand guttering that you might purchase in a used market sale are used instead of new guttering.

3 – Joint Separation

Over time, the gutters on your home may come away from the roof or fascia board. This often occurs, as property owners haven’t spent time on ensuring that they maintain this part of the roof correctly. Once it comes away, the gutter will allow water to cause to vulnerable areas of the house.

4 – Back Flow Occurs

This problem occurs when rainwater isn’t able to drain away from the edge of the roof. Instead, what happens is that the rainwater will get in behind the gutter or under the roof. If you notice that rainwater isn’t draining away as effectively, you should immediately seek out what is causing this.

5 – Downspouts Not Installed Properly

The primary task of the downspouts on your house is to help carry the water away quickly and effectively from the gutters. The downspouts will be positioned in such a way to ensure that the water drains away to an area that won’t cause damage to your house. If the downspout has been installed incorrectly, it could lead to water being able to collect and could lead to damage to the walls and foundations of your house. A properly installed downspout should extend several feet away from your house.