How To Pack Curtains When Moving

First thing, you have to hang and last thing you take down is your curtains. Because you need your privacy. Some new places have their own drapes but its best to bring your own. Many people buy new curtains for new place .it is good but why not act smart and pack your old ones. Here are few tricks to help you out. If necessary, you can even pack and move the curtain rods as well.

Wardrobe boxes

Wardrobe boxes are perfect for moving clothes. They are also ideal for transporting curtains and draperies because they will drapes and curtains wrinkle-free and protected from dust and moisture.

Start by placing a clean sheet of wrapping paper on the bottom of the wardrobe box to keep your curtains and drapes clean.

Fold a curtain lengthwise and then wrap it around wardrobe bar. If the curtain is too long, then fold it lengthwise twice.

TIE a piece of string or a twist-tie around the freely hanging ends of the curtain, just beneath the wardrobe bar. Do the same for all the curtains until the box is full.

CLOSE the wardrobe box, tape it shut and label it properly.

Standard moving box

You can pack curtains and a drape in regular cardboard boxes.Here is how to do it.

Put some clean packing paper on the bottom of the box.

FOLD the curtains neatly and loosely, do not press them. It will cause wrinkles.

Pin the curtains to the pieces of paper or cards with their exact measurements.

Fill the box by curtains by arranging them side by side instead of on the top.

Now close the box, tape it shut and label it properly.

Curtain rod

It is unusual to pack the curtain rods with you, because every house has the curtain rods. However, sometimes you need to take them with you. Some scenarios are

i.Curtain rods that are made from valuable materials such as a rare type of wood more precious metal than iron or steel.

ii.Custom-made curtain rods that have unique design.

iii.When you just want to move the curtain rods to repurpose them after the move.

iv.Place you are moving does have rods but they are smaller than your curtains.

v.Your new places do not have rods at all.

vi.The rods in new house are not of your taste.

You get the gist. Now if you have decided on taking curtain rods with you how to pack them. Here is how. Packing curtain rods for moving is easy. You can just wrap them up in thick furniture blankets and use tape to secure the blankets. One negative thing is that moving those rods will not be easy as they are long and might be surprisingly heavy as well. Therefore, the best thing is NOT to bother packing and moving your curtain rods unless you have some strong reason to do so.