retractable Fly Screens In Brisbane Help Deal With Mosquito Infestations

Recent weather in Queensland, including heavy rainfall which led to flash floods and the ensuing heat wave provided the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

According to reports, parts of the Gold Coast, Logan and the Scenic Rim were hit by record-breaking rain, resulting in numerous evacuations and emergency rescues,

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) also warned about the risk of possible flash-flooding at Mount Tamborine, Tamborine, Coomera, Hope Island, South Stradbroke and Jacobs Well.

Major flooding was recorded at Beaudesert and river levels were a chance of going higher with further rainfall forecast into the evening.


Brisbane residents have been on high alert following the reports and beaches on the Gold Coast were closed.  There was also rainfall of a record high 232 millimetres recorded in 24 hours at Sunshine Coast airport, while Coolum received 216mm.

In the Aftermath of the Flood

Why Mosquitoes Are Attracted to Stagnant Water after a Flood

Water is essential for mosquitoes to breed because they lay their eggs in puddles of standing water. After the mosquitoes hatch, the larvae in the water develop into adults.

This process of hatching and developing takes several days and if not addressed can cause the population to explode, approximately a week after a flood.

It’s important that we act quickly and address this risk when dealing with the aftermath of a flood because mosquitoes can carry diseases such as Malaria, Dengue fever, Ross River Virus and many others.

Intelliscreens is a leading provider of retractable fly screens in Brisbane, so if you’re a resident in Brisbane, installing retractable screen will give you the peace of mind that your family is protected even while you still enjoy the benefits of open plan, indoor/outdoor living.  

Protection from Insect Bites

In the clean-up process, post-flooding, it can be easy to forget one important possible risk, the rise in mosquito populations.

When outdoors, make sure that you’re either fully covered with long pants and sleeves or use an insect repellent to protect yourself.

Also check that all standing water on your property is disposed of, including on trash can lids, in gutters, puddles and so on.

Importance of Retractable Fly Screens

In Brisbane up to 100mm of rain was received in a 24hour period, with high temperatures forecast post-flood. It is feared that these hot and humid conditions could give rise to an insect infestation, particularly mosquitoes, whose bites are potentially dangerous, as well as being just plain irritating.

While some insects come in with flood waters, eliminating all standing water on your property is the first step in ensuring mosquitoes don’t breed.

The most effective solution to protecting your home is with retractable fly screens. In Brisbane you’re probably not going to be able to address every standing water source around your property. You may get some mosquitoes from neighbouring properties, roads, bodies of water nearby etc. so until mosquito swarms die down, you need to protect your family from potentially dangerous bites.

Good quality retractable fly screens in Brisbane are crucial given the hot, humid climate. We need to ensure that insect screens are installed and if you’ve already got insect screens fitted, check that they are in good condition.

Dispose of Mosquito Breeding Grounds

  • Be thorough when removing any collected, stagnant water to prevent mosquitos infesting your property.
  • Any muddy areas, puddles and water traps on the property can be filled with soil.
  • You should also ensure trash cans and their lids are cleaned and dry.
  • Gutters should be checked and cleared of stagnant water.
  • Storage containers on your property should be emptied of water and turned upside down so they don’t collect water.
  • Also check tarps and walls or floors around the home.

We can expect extreme weather to continue including flooding and very hot conditions, so ensuring your home is protected from mosquito infestations with retractable fly screens in Brisbane means one less thing you have to worry about as the effects of climate change become ever more evident.