Tree Risk Assessment: What Is It?

Trees offer significant advantages to our houses and cities, however when trees fall and hurt people or damage residential or commercial property, they are liabilities. Comprehending and dealing with the threats connected with trees makes your property much safer and lengthens the life of the tree.

Trees or parts of trees might fall and result in injury to individuals or damage to residential or commercial property. It is important to assess trees for danger. While every tree has the potential to fall, only a small number actually fall on something or someone. Here are some tips for identifying the typical problems associated with tree danger.

Regular tree care will help determine trees with unacceptable levels of danger. Once the threat is recognized, suitable actions may be taken to minimize the possibility of the tree falling and hurting somebody.

Trees and Utility Lines

Trees that fall into utility lines have very serious repercussions. They can not only injure individuals or home near the line, but striking a line may cause power failures or surges, fires, and other damage. Downed lines still have electrical current flowing through them and are especially dangerous to unsuspecting adults, children, and pets in the area. A tree with a chance of falling into a power line is an extremely serious situation. Proper authorities should be contacted and advised right away.

Managing Tree Risk

An arborist can help you manage the trees on your property and can offer treatments that might help in reducing the danger associated with particular trees. An arborist familiar with tree threat assessment might suggest one or more of the following:

Eliminate the target

While a building or a close-by power line can not be moved, it is possible to move picnic tables, cars, landscape features, or other possible targets to prevent them from being struck by a falling tree.

Prune the tree

Remove the weak branches of the tree since improper pruning might damage a tree, pruning work is best done by an ISA Certified Arborist.

Cable and brace the tree

Offer physical support for weak branches and stems to increase their strength and stability. Such supports are not guarantees against failure.

Provide regular care

Mature trees require regular care in the form of water, nutrients (in many cases), mulch, and pruning as determined by the season and their structure.

Remove the tree

Some trees with unacceptable levels of threat are best gotten rid of. If possible, plant a new tree in an appropriate location as a replacement.

Recognizing and decreasing tree risk not only increases the safety of your property and that of your next-door neighbors, however likewise enhances the tree’s health and may increase its life!

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