Water Heater Repair By Plumbing Contractors

Most people especially those living in winter areas take a warm water shower or drink. When their heater fails to work, it becomes inconveniencing, and hence attention must be given urgently. Water may also drip or puddle; this is evidence that the water heater is leaking and need repair to solve it. Sometime calling qualified plumbers may take hours or days while you can solve some of them by yourself. This will help you in troubleshooting the problem and solving it. The following are the methods of water heater repairs.

Types of Water Heaters

This is the most common issue found on majority of water heaters. It is very evident when you find your home with no hot water that the heater has a problem. But at times, the source of energy may be the problem. This means in repairing the water heater, you must consider whether the water heater is a gas or electricity powered. The two may look similar but they are different in how they do operate. The ones that use gas have a flue on top that burn fuel. It also has a burner on the bottom usually behind the small viewing metal door. On the other hand, the electric water heater does not burn fuel or produce any combustion gases. It uses electronic elements inside the tank.

When Water isnt Hot

This may be as results of lack of no source of power as it had been mentioned. But the water heater may have failed at some point. Look if the switches are ON. If they are ON and still does not heat, use the water heater manual to know more about the machine. Opening the interior part of the machine may require trained and skilled personnel in order to perform various tests.

When no Enough Hot Water

Before taking any action, first adjust the temperatures. This may be the cause of low temperatures. Everything needs some time to work; give it about 10 to 20 minutes to heat the water. Check whether the water temperatures have changed. If it still fails, it need both of the elements replaced to solve the problem. The elements are sold by appliance parts dealers or hardware stores. Before installing, check whether they are matching to one another.

How to Test for Elements

Start by turning OFF the power circuit breaker then remove the covers exposing the elements and thermostats. Touch the electrical connections using noncontact voltage detector to ensure that the power is OFF. On the main electrical circuit, find the circuit breaker and switch OFF. Using a working tester, test the cable leading to the water heater for testing. The disadvantage of the tester is that it does not read the voltage. Remove the thermostat that is on the side of water heater then pull the insulations out. Hold the wire near your tester to test whether it is functioning.

The secret behind increasing water heater lifespan and avoiding failure is regular servicing and following maintenance procedures.