What To Look For When Buying A New Leaf Blower

Are you looking to replace your old leaf blower? Certainly, you need to buy a good one to make sure that all the leaves in your backyard are cleared out effortlessly. Check out these helpful tips so you can find a good leaf blower for your needs.

1. The Types

According to the best leaf blowers there are the different types of leaf
blowers available to help you make your decision on the best one for your needs.

Handheld Its the best blower if you need versatility, portability and maneuverability. However, you cant blow away large debris so thats a huge disadvantage especially for the fall season.

Backpack Its the best blower for your leaves if you want something with more power and a longer running time. Its perfect for large areas such as fields and can be used to blow leaves, pebbles, twigs and also metal shavings effortlessly.

Walk Behind Its perfect if you need a lot of power and to complete your job faster. Its mostly left to the professionals since it can be used to blow away heavy paper, leaves, cardboards or any other type of garbage.

2. The Noise Levels

The amount of noise coming out of the blower will also determine your purchase. Remember, if you have neighbors, a loud blower will generate a lot of noise especially when you are working outside. If you are buying a blower for your home, you should opt for the quieter blowers. Therefore, you need to look at the different decibel levels to find a quiet blower for your needs.

3. The Power

When looking at the blowers power, you need to consider the miles per hour (MPH) and cubic feet per minute (CFM). You might assume that a blower with a higher MPH means more power. It means that there will be a lot of air coming out faster but if you need to blow more leaves, the blower needs to work excessively.

On the other hand, CFM refers to the volume of air coming out of the tube each minute. It refers to how far the fan will push the leaves in any area. However, if it takes too long to finish the job, pushing the leaves too far doesnt actually translate to anything. Both MPH and CFM are required for the job to be completed fast and efficiently.

4. The Fuel Type

The leaf blowing machine needs a fuel to work efficiently. Here are the various fuel types to consider.

Battery Its the best choice for beginners. Here, you need to put batteries into the machine and squeeze the trigger. However, it has a very limited run time.

Corded They are electric blowers that can also do a great job, especially if you dont want a limited run time. Remember, your maneuverability will be severely limited and there is a chance that your cord will be snagged repeatedly when you are trying to work.

Gas Its the most powerful type of blower and its effective for cleaning your yard. However, the maintenance can be exhausting and its very loud.

In conclusion, buying a new leaf blower takes a lot of research. Take your time to find the best one.