5 Tips To Make Your Big Move Easier

So, you’ve decided to make a move in your life.

A big house move can be exciting, but it can also be very stressful, especially if youve managed to accumulate lots of stuff in your home over the years. Fortunately, there are some ways to make this overwhelming job a little easier, by following these tips.

Declutter First –
Rent out some skip bins and start getting rid of all the stuff you dont intend to take with you to your new home. This is actually the perfect time to declutter and a skip bin would help you continuously remove the unwanted stuff in practically one day. Since skips bins are available in different cubic sizes, you shouldnt have any problems when discarding your unnecessary items. Multiple bins can also be used to help you segregate the trash from the recyclable items. Starting the decluttering process can be done months in advance. This will make the lead up to the move date easier, knowing that youre not preparing and packing unnecessary items.

Adopt the Minimalist Lifestyle –
Start setting aside items that you dont actually use on a daily basis. Box in holiday materials or those that you can easily live without for the next few days. Leave only items that you will actually use like several clothes, a coffee maker, a few dishes, and so on. The items you leave should be proportional to how many days you still have left before the actual big move. Hence, if you still have a week, your clothes should comprise what youd actually use for that last week. Make sure all boxes are also clearly marked. This will make the unpacking process at the other end so much smoother.

Give Stuff Away –
A lead up to a big move is the perfect opportunity to actually think to yourself if you really need that item or not in your life. Have you used it in the last few months? If not, then maybe consider giving it to a new home. This can be done via donation, or maybe a garage sale. Furniture, table/chairs, and general household items are always quickly sold at garage sales. This will give you some extra money to cover moving costs or allow you to purchase new items that will suit your new home.

Clean Out the Pantry/Fridge –
Make sure to check your pantry as well and start to reduce their amount as the big move draws nearer. Ideally, you shouldnt be buying groceries during the last few days and just making do with what you have already so there are fewer items to take with you. You can also donate these if you feel like it. Try to reduce the items in your freezer in the weeks leading up to the big move. This will reduce waste and the hassle of keeping items frozen or cold during the move.

Pack a Bag for the First Few Days After the Big Move –
The problem most people have after moving is that they often scramble around looking for stuff to use in their new home. Where are the towels? Where are the mugs? Where are the clothes? Labeling your boxes would go a long way but it also helps to fill a box or two with the most basic essentials youll need during the first few days as you sort yourself out.

Most of this is common sense, but with everything to think about leading up to a big move, these few tips will make your move a little easier.