Ants Everywhere! Exploring Different Ants Around The World

Most people do not appreciate ants in the home or around a picnic area. They are never invited, yet they seem to just make themselves welcome. This is a problem that occurs throughout the world because there are different kind of ants in the world in all types of regions and locations. With the exception of Antarctica, ants thrive in every country on the planet. Altogether, there are well over 12,500 documented species of ants. They might seem like pests to most of us humans, but the fact is that they are great at helping the environment and the animal food chain. They are exceptional problem solvers, they are strong and they work together in colonies. Each type of ant in a colony has an important job to do. If you are interested in learning more visit

While there are too many species of ants to cover here in detail, there are some that those who live in the United States should be familiar with. Common ants that live in the United States include Argentine ants that originated in Argentina and Brazil, the Odorous ant, the Carpenter ant, Fire ants, and Pavement ants. If you learn what to look for in the types of ants that frequently take up residence in homes, apartments and other buildings, it makes things a bit easier when you need to tackle the infestation and prevent it from recurring. Ants live in colonies that include ants that play various roles. There are queen ants, worker ants and soldier ants. These are stronger, larger ants that protect eggs and fend off enemies. Queens lay eggs and have wings just as the male ants do. If a male ant does not have wings it is a worker ant. These basic colony hierarchies apply to every type of ant in the world.

Argentine ants originated in Argentina and Brazil but made it over to the US in the 1890’s in freight ships. They are often now found in Oregon, Washington, California, and Illinois and are distinctive by their dark brown color and attraction to foods of all kinds including eggs and oils. Odorous house ants get their name because of the smell they give off when they are killed. They smell like rotten coconuts. They love to nest around and in homes all throughout the USA. Carpenter ants thrive in the US and do so by burrowing themselves in wooden structures. These ants can cause substantial damage but the type of damage that they do is slightly different from termites. They do not eat the wood but they live in it often by gaining access through a damaged, moist segment of the home. Preventing their infestation is key and this can be done by making sure that any areas of the home that are made of wood and have damage to them are kept in good repair. Even though these pencil-wide sized ants do not eat wood like termites do they can still cause significant structural damage.

Fire ants also called European fire ants. These are small red ants that can sting and, if need be, gather together to float on water. These fire ants are distant relatives of Solenopsis fire ants which are commonly found in the southern US as well as in Latin America. Pavement ants are ants that enjoy nesting in pavement cracks which is how they get their name. They are popular in the Eastern United States but they can show up in California and Washington, too.
Ants might be considered pests in certain instances. Yet, they are fascinating, resilient creatures that help the world’s environment. You do not need a great deal of education on ants in order to prevent them from infesting your home or to get rid of them when and if they do. Keep food preparation areas as clean as possible. Fix any leaks in sinks and plumbing quickly as most ants like moisture and are attracted to it. Different ants enjoy different types of foods but the most popular favorites of ants include meats and sugary snacks. If you suspect that you do have an infestation, contact your pest control company right away. The sooner you do, the more quickly and efficiently they can be eliminated.