7 Simple Ways To Prepare Your Home For Sale

1 – Zero in On Curb Appeal

Nothing beats the first impression. The exterior of your house should make the buyer want to buy it immediately. During preparation for the sale, make sure the exterior of your home is in perfect shape. You could decide to repaint the house, porch, fence so as to attract buyers. You can also solicit the services of a landscaper who will work on your yard.

2 – Remove Some Items

The aim of this is to give the buyer a feeling of the house being spacious. It is a major turn off when you give them a tour and they keep bumping into furniture and appliances. Renting storage space will give you a place to temporarily hold all items irrelevant to the sale.

3 – Organized

This is where you place everything in the house in order. For example: in the living room, make sure the couch, couch cushions and tables are aligned. In the kitchen, food, ingredients and cutlery are clean and neatly placed on the shelves and in drawers. In the bedroom, make sure the closed are not too full. A stuffy and disorganized closet will be interpreted as being too small. The few clothes left should be neatly folded. When the buyer sees how organized you are, he/ she is likely to assume that you have shown the same care to the house.

4 – General Cleaning

The house should be spotless for when the potential buyers pay their visit; windows, walls, countertops, sinks, etc. The kitchen and living room are major selling points. Do all it takes to leave the rooms spotless; use bleach detergent, scrubbing brush, pressure washers for driveway, vacuuming, etc.

5 – Make Repairs

The state of various fixtures around the house has the power to make or break the sale. Before giving potential buyers a tour of the house, make sure all major and minor repairs have been done. This includes replacing jammed locks, clogged toilets and sinks, cracked tiles, chipped counter tops, leaking sinks, faucets and shower heads. If the buyer finds a clogged toilet, they will assume that it is something that happens frequently. No one wants to buy a house and have to deal with repairs shortly after.

6 – Repainting The Interior Walls

The choice of color has a great impact on a buyers decision. Your favorite color could be a mixture of orange and green, but does your buyer fancy that combo? Exactly. Go for neutral colors such as white, cream, sometimes a little shade of blue. Don’t give buyers a chance to remember your house based on your poor choice of color.

7 – Aerate The House

Open the windows and other ventilations. Also, make sure the AC is functioning effectively.